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"Lillith" 148 Kanimbla Drive, Little Hartley, NSW, 2790 AUSTRALIA phone: +61 2 6355 2295

Well, what can we say? Finally we found the house and the land we love and we bought it!
May we introduce you to our new home "Lillith":2013-06-15_11_03_40.jpg2013-03-25_18_44_37.jpg
There is not that much to see from the house as it is seriously overgrown! Our first investment was a chain saw! And we put it to good use!
The house sits on 10ha in the beautiful Kanimbla Valley, Blue Mountains, 150km west of Sydney.
Our Land:2013-03-27_16_12_57.jpg2013-03-27_15_53_50.jpg2013-03-27_15_49_15.jpg2013-03-26_18_17_17.jpg2013-03-26_18_17_05.jpg
We even have 160m of Coxs River frontage. We regularly see Platypus in there but they are not easy to photograph.
That's our river:
The river is great for swimming and Tommy enjoys it thoroughly.

The garden is overwhelming. Lillith teaches you abundance! At least 50 fruit trees and rose bushes, huge lavenders. We have more pumpkins, beans, potatoes, oranges and lemons than we can possibly eat!

What can we say about the house? We are fully sustainable. That suits Tommy - Professor of sustainability! Off the grid with solar power, solar hot water, wood burner and rainwater. Every drop of water we use is put back into the garden. Our footprint is getting smaller.
Just a few pictures from the house. We haven't had the chance to put our personal mark on it yet.
View from the bedroom.
We have a Japanese onsen bath tub. It's great fun!
View from the lounge.
The kitchen.
The Veranda.
Our pizza oven.

Our house is facing west and we get great sun sets.

We also have an abundance of wildlife:
Kangaroos, Walleroos, Wallabies, Wombats, Platypus, Possums, Echidnas and lots and lots of birds.
Fortunately or unfortunately we have snakes, too. A red bellied black snake - we call her Kaa - even joined us for afternoon tea on the deck!
Nothing for the fainthearted!
This is Australia! You have to live with the snakes, drought and fires! But it is so worth it!


A frosty winter morning

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Goodbye Canberra

Hello Sydney and Blue Mountains

semi-overcast 25 °C

Yes, after almost two years in the nation's capital it is time to say goodbye. As usual, life provides us with even better opportunities. Tommy has accepted a position at the University of New South Wales (campus in Sydney) to educate students in the field of sustainability and to do even more research! So, a few days Sydney per week it is! As there was no way we could live in a city as big (and busy) as Sydney, we bought a house as far away from the city as possible but still within commuting distance, once a week. We ended up in the Blue Mountains which are very touristy and incredibly beautiful. The towns and villages are surrounded by national parks, most of them listed as UNESCO World Heritage area. Nicki is quite excited to live in the mountains again! In our next blog entry we will introduce you to our new home "Lillith" - something else altogether!

For now, enjoy the pictures from our adventures in Canberra and the South East corner of New South Wales over the last 12 months!

Our garden with the feathery inhabitants
Red browed finch Red-browed_finch__2_.jpg
Superb_Parrots__3_.jpg The very rare Superb Parrots Superb_Parrots__6_.jpg

Images of the Canberrra botanical garden
Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
Hike to Gibraltar Rocks
with Tommy's nice Alex and boyfriend Nico Alex___Nic..nberra__67_.jpg

Not another stormy Christmas eve!! Alex___Nic..anberra__4_.jpg
but we still had a good time! Alex___Nic..nberra__13_.jpg

Food, oh glorious food!

Wombeyan Caves

Sapphire Coast

Ben Boyd National Park
Ben_Boyd_NP__10_.jpg we found a beach..
... and another one Ben_Boyd_NP__6_.jpg
Mrs Roo interested sharing dinner with us Ben_Boyd_NP__5_.jpg
Family Superp Blue Wren attracted by our car mirror Ben_Boyd_NP__1_.jpg

Sapphire Coast Mount Imlay
oh, the views... large_Mount_Imlay__5_.jpg
Mount_Imlay__4_.jpg where are we going?
Spotted gum forrest on the south coast 2013-01-28_13_31_22.jpg
Wee Jasper
We even had some snow!
Goulburn_T.._Oberon__2_.jpg Oberon

Morton National Park
Fairy Bower Falls, Bundanoon Fairy_Bowe..ndanoon__7_.jpg

Deua National Park
Crossing the Schoalheaven river with our Canadian guest and friend Gwendi

And here's a glimpse of what's to come:
Blue Mountains
Wentworth_Falls__5_.jpg Wentworth FallsWentworth_Falls__1_.jpgBlue_Mount..on_Walk__7_.jpgWentworth_Falls__2_.jpg
Wentworth_Falls__4_.jpg Grand Canyon Walk with Gwendi


What another fantastic year! Thank you Australia!

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Extreme Wedding!

22 February 2012 on Île Thérèse

semi-overcast 28 °C

Enjoy the photos of our wedding day

Please note that this video comes with sound!

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Welcome to the setting for our wedding

One week on the Seychelles

semi-overcast 30 °C

May we introduce the guests:

The seniors

Gerda (Tommy's Mum), Werner and Christa (Nicki's parents)

The Daeumlings

Ulla (Tommy's sister) with husband Guenter and kids Lena, Felix and Alexandra

The Froeschls

Olli (Nicki's brother) with his wife Steffi

The happy couple


And here the whole lot in action (click on video)!

(and don't forget to turn up the volume!)

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Tommy's 'last' adventure

A solo bushcamping experience

storm 26 °C

Nicki left two weeks earlier than I to Germany, so I took the chance to go bushcamping on my own (for it would have taken a disproportionate amount of persuasion for her to join me on such an endeavour).

In Canberra it's only one hour from office to bush. Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park was my destination. I didn't bother to carry a tent and found a good place to spend the night well before dusk. Interestingly, it was very quiet during the night – the only sounds I heard were a bit of snuffling, presumably a possum (well, a marsupial in any case), and the unmistakable domp-domp-domp of a single wallaby hopping past. The wake-up call came from currawongs and magpies, and I heard wild dogs barking in the distance (which are genetically mostly dingo, I learned later).


The next day Orroral Valley presented itself in full glory. It's an awesome place. Long, with a wide grassy base and surrounded by wooded hills – the views are a real bliss for the eye.


I only met one group of people but uncountable numbers of kangaroos; they have truly taken over from the cows and sheep that used to graze here a hundred years ago.


In the afternoon a dramatic thunderstorm broke loose – one hour of downpour, half of which was in the form of hail! I sought shelter under a lonely tree in the middle of the valley, but I could just as well have stood in the river…

The thunderstorm coming…

… and going.

Luckily there was the old Orroral Woolshed (the first use of which was as a dance hall…) and I gratefully spent the second night there, for it allowed me to dry up again. Before sunset I watched three pairs of male kangaroos exercising their fighting skills.

Orroral woolshed

I'll be back in Orroral valley to show it to my then wife (for the next entry will be the wedding!). Maybe with a different accommodation though…

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