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The Christmas Holidays

In the Australian Alps

sunny 23 °C


The Alps are another fascinating Australian landscape. If you think Australia is only a dry desert, then have a look at these pictures!


With 1.6 million ha the Australian Alps have a lot to offer. Walking made easy.


On New Year's Eve we had the chance to come close to wild brumbies.
On our walk on New Year's Day we came across this little joey that had a bad start to the new year - it couldn't get back into mum's pouch! After several attempts it finally managed to climb back - good luck at last.

There is nothing better than a campfire after a good days walking with grilled sausages and damper.

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Eden and NSW South Coast

Another trip to the beautiful Sapphire Coast

sunny 25 °C

Only 300km from Canberra is this magnificant area called Sapphire Coast. It is a huge area of pristine beaches, national parks, nature reserves and state forests. By the way, 300km on an Aussie scale is still called local!

First we spend a few days at the coast in the beatiful town of Eden, a historic whaling station. And it was whale season!
In spring, humpback whales travel down the east coast of Australia from the tropical waters to Antarctica to feed. With having their young calves with them they travel slowly and take the opportunity to play about in almost every bay. You can easily see them from the shore (thank goodness - taking Nicki on a boat is not a good idea...)!
Flukes up, splashing water, nose up and even breaching - of course to get that on camera is difficult, all we got was the big splash afterwards.
This is not the tail of a Humpback. We have no idea what whale it is.


Near Eden, in Ben Boyd National Park (10,486ha) is the magnificent "Light to Light Walk". It is a three-days costal walk. Unfortunately we just had time for one day but it was so beautiful that we'll come back and do the whole tour one day. Why not? It is still a local walk!
Just sitting at the beach and watching a few more whales.

We have been accompanied by a Lace Monitor lizard and sea eagles
Echidnas have also been out and about. Eden__34_.jpg

Rainbow Lorikeet in bottle brush tree

After a few days in Eden we headed off to some country cabins on a working farm called "Fulligans". What a challenge that was!
We had a hard time finding the way on "minor roads" , no map and no sign posts anywhere between Yambulla State Forest (70.000ha) and South East Forest National Park (115.534ha). We should have read the book "Never truly lost"!
Fulligans__10_.jpg Our poor, English Skoda car even had to cross a river!

The view from our accomodation was magnificent!
What wasn't so magnificent was our accomodation. It was one of the worst and run-down places we have ever been. Let's put it this way: anything could crawl anytime anywhere over you! The last evening we even had a frog and snails in the kitchen...

On the way home we hiked Pheasant's Peak in South East Forest National Park. Another beautiful place. It seemed like we had the whole park to ourselves.

We love Australia!

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Canberra and surroundings

Our weekend activities

sunny 20 °C

Canberra and the surroundings are a huge playground for outdoor people. You can truly walk as much, as far and as remote as you like!
We show you a few nearby areas we have visited over the last six months.

Mount Majura and Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve

1100 ha, right at our doorstep


We walk there almost every day and regularly forget to take pictures! What is certainly worth showing are the large numbers of Eastern Grey Kangaroos who are not bothered in the slightest by people. If the fence is not high enough, they might come straight into gardens!


Canberra_i..ng__15_.jpg Canberra_i..ng__18_.jpg

Old native trees attract lots of birds: cockatoos, galahs, gang gangs, rosellas - to mention just the most colourful.
Eastern Rosellas

Scribbly gum

Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve

500ha, 10min car ride

Molonglo Gorge

20min by car

Camels Hump, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

1300m, 6000ha, 1 hour by car



We even spotted a red-bellied black snake on this walk (venomous but not deadly). This 1m long friend did not trouble us at all. It only wanted to continue sun bathing.

Mt Tennent, Namadgi National Park

1383m, 106,000ha, 45min by car



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Our New Home

5 Higinbotham Street Watson, Canberra, ACT 2602, Australia Tel: +61 2 61661556

sunny 13 °C

So here it is: our new home. After weeks of frustrating house hunting we found 5 Higinbotham. Househunting is not that much fun here. There are very few properties on the market, most of them in serious need of modernisation and lots and lots of people who are looking for a roof over their head. So if you find an acceptable property you have to fight for it!! Nevertheless we found the right house in the right place with just minor compromises (colour!!)

The front garden

We did not take the advice of our friends to publish these pictures in black and white so we strongly recommend you put on your sunglasses as these colours are rather bright! Under these colourful circumstances Mr and Mrs Bond decided to change their names to the more appropriate Barbie and Ken...

The kitchen/dining/living room

View out of the kitchen window onto the rear deck
The kitchen is truely fantastic. Space over space and Nicki cannot get enough of her fancy kitchen! Just imagine the new wicked food creations!


The guest room. If you should come and visit us orange is the colour you have to bare...

Tommy's office

The family bathroom

The master bedroom is in need of an interior designer so no pictures of it just yet. The pictures we took from the family room are also not great so bare with us. Regarding our back garden: it looks a bit like a desert... Container plants it will be once more. We can only show you a few pictures from our regular garden visitors.


Ah yes, and there is the demolition gang... they are relentlessly trimming our pencil pines and leave a hell of a mess on our drive. But we still love them!

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Canberra from above

The ballon flight

sunny 3 °C


Thanks to a perfect farewell gift for Tommy from his SEI colleagues we got the chance to explore Canberra from above. We took to the air in a hot-air ballon on a frosty morning, right in front of the old parliament. Weather and wind were ideal.


Hot_Balloo..y11__9_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__11_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__13_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__29_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__32_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__39_.jpg Hot_Balloo..11__40_.jpg



What a wonderful day! We would like to thank all the people from SEI for this wonderful present!

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