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Reunion - a hiker's paradise

The Cirque the Mafate

semi-overcast 25 °C

At the centre of the island are washed-out volcanic craters and one of them, the Cirque the Mafate, is so steep and inaccessible that there are no more roads. You can only walk! There are two villages in the Cirque de Mafate one can either reach by foot or helicopter. Of course we walked!
The four days of hiking were great. The villages offer great accomodation and serve Creole dinner - cooked on wood fires in the evening. They even have cold Dodos here (the beer from Reunion - of course flown in by helicopter)! The hiking was quite unique as it was a constant up-a-rist and down-a-canyon. Gaining altitude and loosing it half an hour later... but all toghether it was fantastic (and we burned a few calories, too). The highest point was Col de Boeuf with 2000m and Col the Taipit with 2400m above sea level (only a few kilometres away from the sea!).


Cirque_de_..e___37_.jpg Cirque_de_..e___42_.jpg

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Country charme on Reunion

La Cle des Champs

semi-overcast 28 °C

For relaxing we found this extraordinary Creole Country house approximately 700m above sea level with a phantastic view over St. Paul. The icing on the cake was the jaccuzi in the manicured garden and the 3-course gourmet home made dinner.
La_Cle_des_Champs__7_.jpg La_Cle_des..ps__16_.jpg
La_Cle_des..ps__14_.jpg La_Cle_des..ps__23_.jpg

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Mountain hideaway on Reunion


semi-overcast 26 °C

After a few days we headed away from the coast and up the outer slopes of what was once a vast volcano. A sleepy, rural village called Tevelave was our base. From there we started small expeditions up the mountain to get used to the climate and fit for our four day hike in the Cirque de Mafate.
We enjoyed our first Creole meals - hearty and quite rustic for tropical cuisine. Vegetarians, you won't find much to eat here. Every meal is meat-based! Ah, and one speaks French here, only French.
The real thrill on this tropical island is the vegetation: every corner is like a botanical garden. Your eyes and mind get spoilt with flowers in all colours of the rainbow - what a change to the winterly Europe...

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Bonjour Reunion!

Senteur Vanille, St-Gilles-les-Bains

semi-overcast 32 °C

After 11 hours in the air we arrived on a true paradise island: Reunion.
Our first stay was at Senteur Vanille, a lodge in a mango plantation. Mangoes en masse for brekki, lunch and dinner with a taste to die for! What a perfect place to get used to the tropical heat.
Senteur_Vanille__12_.jpg Senteur_Vanille__7_.jpg
Senteur_Vanille__8_.jpg Senteur_Vanille__10_.jpg Senteur_Vanille__2_.jpg

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Goodbye Bavaria!

The final indulgence

sunny 4 °C

What could be better for a farewell from the 'old world' than typical Bavarian treats: fairy-tale castles, snow-clad mountains, Weisswuerste (white sausages), Salvator (strong beer) and Getzen mit Schwammerlsosse (a real treat!). Goodbye Bavaria!

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