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The Easter Weekend

at the Sapphire Coast

all seasons in one day 17 °C

As we never get enough of travelling we took the chance to explore the surrounding area and headed off to the Sapphire Coast.
It seemed that the whole of Australia was on the move on this easter weekend and we didn't manage to find a spot to yourselfs.
We decided to stop at Mimosa Rocks National Park (5802 ha). Unfortunately we had to share the 12 campsites with a few youngsters - Tommy was not impressed and thought that this is way too crowded for our taste. But after a chilly night what a view to wake up to:


And at the end of the day we were fortunate enough that we just had to share the beach with a few Kangaroos for the morning swim.


As camping was not that fantastic and the weather was changing for the worse we decided to look for a B&B for the next night. After hiking Mount Dromedary we found one above the Central Tilba Fudge Shop. There is nothing better than a warm and cosy bed on a stormy and rainy night...


We also have to mention our dine out experience in Central Tilba. The only place in town where you can get something to eat is the Dromedary Hotel. On that evening it was crowded with very merry men celebrating ANZAC day from the early morning hours. Nicki, driven by hunger, kissed her way through the happy crowd directly into the kitchen. We tried not to get drunken by just breathing in the air of the hotel. If you still haven't got the picture, it was all very similar to the Walkabout Creek Hotel we all know from the Crocodile Dundee movie including the interior. Well, thats rural Australia!

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Hello Canberra

16th of April 2011

sunny 18 °C

So here we are in Canberra. What do we think? Hmmm........


We arrive at the station which seems to be in the middle of a field, some industrial buildings in sight. No taxis...
Huge roads but no cars on it...They certainly planned for a lot of traffic but there is none. There are houses but they are very well disguised thanks to the numerous, mature trees. Also, thanks to the trees there is a healthy bird population in town. The question is, are there more cockatoos or people in Canberra? It's all very green and spacious and the majority of things in Canberra seem to be in walking or cycling distance.
For city people Canberra is certainly not attractive as it is probably quieter than a country town. For country people it's great!

It is truly the bush capital and we have to admit: it is all very agreeable!


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Australia, here we come!

IMMIGRATION DAY: 15th of April 2011 - We finally arrive in Sydney

overcast 22 °C

After weeks of island hopping we eventually arrive in our new country.

When we look out of the airplane window in the morning we realise that the plane is flying three large waiting loops over -- CANBERRA! So we get a good first glimpse of our future home town from the air. Finally the plane touches down in Sydney; it is 6:30am on Friday, 15th April 2011, and the sun is shining brightly!

Neither the immigration nor the customs officers want anything specific. That's it - we are in Australia and don't have a ticket back...

We had already booked an old and very charming B&B directly in The Rocks - the part of Sydney where European settlement began and most immigrants arrived already over twohundred years ago! The B&B is all in English style and our room even has a view of the Opera house!

After a hearty breakfeast in Circular Quay we make our way to the bests spots of Sydney. We still feel like tourists - how long will it take us to feel like Aussies? It is getting cloudier and we feel that it is not summer any more.

Mr and Mrs Bond in the Royal Botanical Garden in front of Government House.

Mr and Mrs Bond in front of the Harbour Bridge.

Mr and Mrs Bond in front of the Opera House.

We end this beautiful day with a great dinner in The Rocks and an early finish to help with the jet lag.

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The Seychelles

The ultimate island paradise

sunny 34 °C

What can you say about the Seychelles? There are not many words that can describe this incredible place. So just see for yourself!

Are these colours real or are we just dreaming?

Have you hugged a coconut palm today?

The Bond Grirl on The Seychelles

Mr Bond is having fun, too.

The beauty of the Seychelles continues under water. The 28C warm Indian Ocean is full of the most colourfull fish. Unfortunately we haven't got an underwater camera but we took this picture just at the Praslin Jetty!

Fish does not only look good in the water but on the BBQ, too!

A cook at work.

La_Digue__1_.jpg La_Digue__17_.jpg La_Digue__7_.jpg La_Digue__2_.jpg La_Digue__6_.jpg La_Digue__18_.jpg La_Digue__22_.jpg La_Digue__27_.jpg La_Digue__43_.jpg La_Digue__37_.jpg Praslin__3_.jpg La_Digue__32_.jpg

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The reason why we came to Reunion...

...the MRIO meeting

semi-overcast 30 °C

Yes, this trip had a purpose and was not only pure pleasure (at least not for Tommy). Find the nicest spot on earth halfway between Australia and Europe and it is Reunion. Seven environmental scientists from Europe, Asia and Australia/USA came together to discuss future strategies. Were they really working or did they have only fun?

After two days of hard work a group of five people were fortunate enough to have a day more on this Island. We went on an excursion to the active volcano Piton de la Fournaise (2.600m). In mainly rain and fog the small group battled the elements for five hours and was lucky enough to get a view of the crater. This was a slightly exhausting trip and we felt we are ready to move on to our next destination, the Seychelles for a little more relaxing time.
Piton_de_l..ise__3_.jpg Piton_de_l..ise__5_.jpg

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